Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Client sensitivity towards escorts in the paid sex industry

I have a soft spot for clients whom I have met who show some sensitivity towards escorts.

Reading Chevalier's post on sensitivity is an example of this.

Chevalier is concerned about emailing two escorts about an appointment on the same day; and whether they would feel disrepected knowing he had contacted them both.

I think Chevalier needs to publish a guide for punters,johns,clients,pooners or whoremongers. He has a great attitude, and I wish every client that I came across thought the way he did.

I have had similar discussions with a number of escorts. Recently I had someone call me up, and he could not remember my name. I was amused, as he claimed he had a list, and could not remember where on the list I was. I have escort friends who have had this experience, and men who respond in this manner are on their do not see list. They will also not see men who start off by saying, or email claiming they are shopping around, and have not made a decision yet.

The reality is that some clients double book, in case they are let down.

When they are open about this with an escort, it is not unusual for an escort to put them down as a timewasters.

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They call up and say "who is this"? I respond by saying "pardon"? "who is this"?

"Oh, I have a list of numbers here, which one are you"?
"I'm sorry"?

"I'm away from my computer and have a list of numbers"

"You mean you don't know who I am"?... milk it girl....


"When people call me it's because it's me they want, I'm not used to this kind of call, I think you have the wrong girl"..

"Who do you think you are"?

"Too good for you mate"...


Thank you for your comments.ROFLMAO. I will keep a copy of that script.
Sorry, but I am NEVER jealous or feel disrespected if a john contacts another lady on the same day. I understand in this flaky biz how people fall through. I know what I am, too. I hate to say it, because I know how sensitive Cheavalier is about working girls liking him, but if a john thinks I'll be hurt if I know he's contacted somebody else, he's a tad deluded.

Thank you for your comments, and for stopping by.

I have no false ideas about what I do or who I am,either. However, I feel that it helps if a client is not mannerless.

How am I going to help someone who does not even know which number I am on the list, or cannot remember my name or site?

In my eyes, that type of caller is not serious.

Do not get me wrong, I am not offended, more amused, and they go down as timewasters in my book.
My "regular" and I had a misunderstanding a few months back. So we didn't see each other for awhile. Recently, I tried to contact her. I didn't hear back for a week.

I contacted another provider in the meantime -- and put my regular down as a reference.

I am back together with my "regular" (and she is hot!) -- but man was she jealous that I had contacted another provider!

I guess there are etiquette rules with escorts -- just like in other relationships.
Compartments, I definitely don't think you'd be hurt or offended. :-)

I'm not sure anyone would; I was mostly expressing curiosity about what was considered polite. It's not so much a question of wanting the ladies to like me, as it is not wanting to needlessly offend people. Seeing other ladies never even enters into that -- why would a lady be jealous of that??? -- but the way we express ourselves does. We all know what this is, but is it polite to be brutally honest about it?

I suspect some ladies might be offended if I came right out and explicitly said "Hey, all 7 or 8 of you are pretty interchangeable as far as I'm concerned; I just wanna fuck somebody and it doesn't matter who." Not all would, but since some might be offended, why say it even if that's what I'm thinking? The same way you might not explicitly say to your clients (as opposed to on an anonymous blog) "Hey, you're overweight, ugly, boring, and old -- I wouldn't spend time with you, let alone fuck you, if you weren't paying me" even if that were what you were thinking. :-)

I don't really delude myself; I assume to most (not all) of the ladies I see, I'm an anonymous trick, pretty much an ATM on legs. Lickily (or out of enlightened self-interest), they're kind enough to pretend otherwise. :-)

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Dr Pepper,

Thank you for stopping by. I typed the wrong link in, and could not edit my response.

I have no objection to who my clients see.

I talk about this here

I object to clients who double book escorts, and do not cancel the women they do not see.
Although jealousy doesn't belong here, it might be objectionable in some circumstances to use a lady for a reference. If you haven't seen her for a long period of time, and then use her as a reference . . . well, not a big deal to some of us, but some ladies might take offense. "If he's not continuing to give me (non-exclusive) business, why should he expect me to help him indefinitely?" A couple of months shouldn't be a big deal, but I've seen ladies get upset when someone who hasn't seen her for awhile continues to use her as a reference for a year or two later. Not because she's jealous, but because he's asking a lot for a one-time session.

Not that this is what dr pepper's friend was thinking, she may have just been jealous. His comment just made me think of it.

Its not about people being jealous. Its more about being repectful and not wishing to offend.

If someone calls me and does not even know who I am, then what else doesn't he know about me?

I do not prefer to see clients like this. I prefer to see someone who has taken the time and trouble to read some of my stuff on my website at least. Other wise what is the point of having one?
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