Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The moment of truth,marketing or deception

Peter Leeds has a good post on phone etiquette here.

No matter how witty the mails, PMs or Text-messages are, these can all be pre-cooked, or done with the aid of the marketing-consultant. The moment of truth, especially with Indies, is when you get the Lady on the phone.

Peter's post raised a number of issues for me. It is not unusual for some escorts, mainly escorts who work with escort agencies, to have no idea of what information is on the web about them. This becomes problematic, as clients are led to believe that the escort does X, when they meet them. The escort does not do X, and does not realise that her agency has promoted her in this way. What I find harder to believe, is when I hear of this same situation with independent escorts.

How can your webmaster put information on your website that you know nothing about?

As Peter points out, webmasters can do lots of things. They can write out your entire site for you. In some cases, escorts have blogs, and the blogs are written by their webmasters.

I imagine it gets tricky when a client expects a witty,stunning, articulate,escort with an MBA, or engineering degree.

The client meets the escort, and the worst scenario, is that a high maintenance dog's dinner, who is inarticulate turns up.

Is this fraud?

Or does it really matter?

I have had conversations with several escort friends , and they feel that 80% of their clients want sex. All of the escorts are graduates, and 20% of their bookings involve intellectual pillow talk.

As I mentioned before I had a client who grilled me on the phone about my education. His initial booking was for an hour, to assess whether I was suitable for a longer booking. He then booked me for a dinner date, which involved lots of conversations about my career, his career, current events, and books of interest. Had I lied in this situtation it would have been disastrous.

I read something on a forum a few weeks ago, where an escort sent her friend to a booking. She thought the client would have no clue, that it was someone else. Well, the review revealed all.

Does it really matter, as once she gets you in the door,she does what you want?


Boundnotgagged.com is a blog supporting sex workers to speak out about the Deborah Palfrey scandal in Washington which I mentioned here and here.

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Yes, the discerning client wants you for your intellect, or your looks, your class?..or both.. or all, but at the end of the day if you don't perform admirably in the bedroom, it will probably be a one off visit.

Give me the punter who only looks at the pics any day of the week, if he's lucky he will find out about my fine mind as well...:)

Thank you for your comments. I think performance is the priority here. However, as you point out some clients want a package.
It really takes both Mind and Body to make a good Date. Good bedroom mechanics alone can do a lot, but the Best Dates involve an emotional connection (or very good acting - it doesnt matter). All of my return visits are with Personalities (another blog-Idea...?) who can do both good sex, and good conversation. This does not necessarily mean she needs a collega degree, but it helps.

As for the marketing: I have some anecdotes on that too. Mostly about one Lady who runs posts on boards posing as many of her WL-friends (makes good karma too). The impersonated ladies are then clueless when you mention the posts... can be a real Bummer.
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