Thursday, May 10, 2007

Different Strokes

Spain has been dubbed the brothel of Europe, with up to 500,000 women working as prostitutes.Voluntary prostitution is not illegal, but pimping and coercion are. Spain is divided over semi-legal prostitution pointed out here.

The question has divided Europe as pointed out in Norway and possible changes in Delhi.If you live in Florida, you could get immunity here. The Spaniards are still unable to adopt a clear policy.

Prostitution law is a minefield.


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Interesting, because Spain is not rated in sex tourism circles as a particularly desirable destination, even though so many northern Europeans vacation on the beaches of the various Costas.

Maybe the sex is expensive there.

I once met a girl in the Dominican Republic who had been to Spain for a 6-month contract working in a nightclub, and she said she had a good time and was planning to return there soon.

I think a lot of the prostitutes in Spain are African women, many of them illegal immigrants, for whom there is no alternative employment.

Again the allegations that prostitutes are controlled by "traffickers", which is no doubt partially true, but seems to be rolled out as a mantra all the time these days.

Thank you for your comments. I had not heard that there was much of a scene,in Spain either.
According to the claims of the lady in the article, 1.5 million men pay for sex each day in Spain. With "up to" 0.5 million prostitutes in Spain, this means that each prostitute is handling an average of three callers a day.

The population of Spain is 40 million. Assuming that half the population belongs to each sex, and that half of each sex constitutes children and old people, we can further estimate that 15% of men have sex with a prostitute each day, and that an astonishing 1 in 20 women are prostitutes.

Hats off to the Spaniards!
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