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A competitive escort market

I can remember that most people in the London Escort industry thought, that when the Eastern European escorts came ; the London escorts would have no work.

At the moment, some people think that there will be an influx of Romanian and Bulgarian escorts ; that will drive the rates down even further,in London.

Well, I think the Eastern European escorts have made the market competitive. Most of the Eastern European escorts, that I have seen on sites are stunning. There is resentment from some escort agencies who do not take on these women, that they are undercutting everyone else. They are considered value for money by some clients, as they are cheaper and most of the escorts tend to do it all.

Unfortunately, with a large number of women being trafficked from Eastern Europe, one has to be careful, as I mention here. Julia O'Connell Davidson discusses this in her article as well.

I think that in any culture there seems to be a fear, and resentment, that foreigners will come in and take work away from everyone else.

In Queensland,Australia they have a problem with foreign backpackers who are working as prostitutes.

Foreign backpackers visiting Queensland have been earning money as illegal prostitutes and damaging legitimate operators, the legal brothel industry has claimed.

Queensland Adult Business Association Nick Inskip said the illegal sex industry was undermining efforts by the legal industry to make a profit and uphold health and safety standards.

"No one asks to see their passports.

"If you go to a licensed brothel the first thing they do is ask for your passport and whether you are here legally."

He said illegal escorts often undercut legal brothels in terms of prices, because they had fewer overheads and it was difficult for the tax office to track the workers.

"They can charge less because they are not paying GST, staff costs for managers and receptionists, or have a registered business name," Mr Inskip said.

Quotes from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Any views?

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One aspect of the legalization of prostitution is that it puts into effect certain market inefficiencies.

For example, although Nevada has legal brothels, the cost of participation is so high, I think $400 for a short session of highly impersonal sex with one woman, that it must tempt very few people (given the huge population of the US) and men in that area (Western US) are probably more likely to travel to Mexico for fun.

So actually one way to REDUCE prostitution is to regulate it, tax it, subject it to inspections and codes of conduct, and enforce violations of regulations. This means, of course, having legitimate prostitutes paying license fees to support the enforcement and licensing body.

As far as the Eastern European women go, Nia, I would imagine that they would not be in direct competition with you, as your market is slighly different.

But let me drop a bombshell here. British women, IN GENERAL, are not very attractive, so there will always be a demand for imports in the UK.

One can also argue that with these Eastern European women coming in, they are helping to expand the overall market for prostitution. Certainly the rumble in the UK media is that with Internet, general prosperity, good health and hygiene, earlier retirement, and a widening market for leisure pursuits there is probably more prostitution now in the UK than ever before.
I think it's the Australians who benefits more from those visa / work permit waiver schemes. A significant number of Australian backpackers who didn't want to go home end up in parts of London, under cutting the British.

Thank you for your comments.

I am for regulation worldwide.

You are right, the Eastern Europeans are not in direct competition with me.

Yes, the market has expanded, in the time that I have been working, and has not stopped.


Thanks for your comments. I do not know of any backpacker escorts in London. However, I am sure they exist :).
I can just see it now. The leagalisation of prostitution. The girls now have rights and a voice and can complain about the work conditions, the rules of engagement and the like......

Imagine the trade

Imagine if they restrict how many times a guy can cum in one hour, or how many services one can reasonably for the one hour booking.

Joking aside, the only body who will gain from legalisation is the Inland Revenue.... Girls will not be safer and they will still be ostracised by society.

Thank you for your comments.

My hope was that things would be safer.

The trade union sounds like fun,lol.
James b.logwriter - 'British women are in general not very attractive'??? You little shocker, you! Nia - would you like to slap him or may I? :-)

Now that I'm over my outrage though, I must admit that I do sort of see your point James, in that the Eastern European lovelies I've seen tend to follow the same pattern of conventional beauty - teeny waists, big boobs, long blonde hair etc. They're stunning but I suppose I think it's horses for courses really - some men like legs, some like breasts, some like brunettes, some like blondes etc.

For escorts at the higher end of the market it's even less of an issue I think, as demand will almost invariably outstrip supply. If you only see 1 or 2 people a month, you can afford to be more choosy and maintain a premium price.

I don't resent the influx of Eastern European women and in fact I think it would be dangerous to take that line - it's one of the principle tenets of racism that foreigners are stealing our jobs. I think there will be men attracted to them, just as there will be to us, but there's room for different types of escort in this sector.

I suppose that's my attitude to competition generally too. I've met some amazing women who are escorts or courtesans and one of the things I'm struck by is how different we all are. At the end of the day I accept that we're all selling sex, but our backgrounds and interests are so different, apart from the physical differences.

Backgrounds and interests may not matter if you only want sex, but if you're looking for an amusing travel companion, who likes to do the same things on holiday that you do, or even if you just want a regular playmate, who can make interesting pillow talk and with whom you can discuss your work, wife, kids etc., then I think you look for more than perfect proportions.

Does that make sense or am I just a ho that takes herself too seriously? :-)

Livvy xxx

P.S. The trade union does sound like fun - can I join please if you set one up Blueslady? ;-)
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James is right. Want to make prostitution not fun anymore (for anyone)? Regulate it. I once drove through a desolate part of the Nevada desert and came upon one of those legal brothels. Located 300 yards off the highway on a dirt road in a trailer-park trailer (by itself). I spent all of 2 minutes inside evaluating my choices and decided to leave without booking a horrendously ugly girl for 500 of my hard-earned dollars. 2 hours later, I had a gorgeous, illegal prostitute wonderfully sucking my cock in my own Las Vegas hotel room. Why would a girl like her not just drive 1 hour away to find work in a legal brothel? Too much trouble. Fucking for money is supposed to be EASY money. If they wanted hassle in order to earn $200 per hour, they'd have gone to law school ;-)


Thank you for your comments.

I love to shock. I would not slap James, Livvy. I would also be concerned about you trying to do that,LOL.

The market is varied, and different people want different things.
Earl's Court used to be nicknamed Kangaroo Valley. I knew a bunch of fellow Aussie backpackers, who took advantage of the affordable accommodation there after their European tour. I also saw quite a number of calling cards saying that they were Australians. But even if there are still Aussie sex workers there, I doubt if they will still use that label. Eastern European for example, are better foreign labels.

Nevada brothels are anomalies that are not worthy of anything. There are two prices, one for local and one for tourists. They persist from the wild west ages with overwhelming men to women ratio. Take Carson city, there are 3.5% more males, which is very high in US. Rural Nevada is worse. As for the tourists, secret johns have to be naive. They don't ask around like who are the better doctors. They rely on anonymous information over the internet, in which everybody had their biased agenda. I once tried on a discussion board to talk a guy out of going there to burn his hard earned money. Even though there are now pictures of the brothel girls, and they are even on TV, he wouldn't believe me that they are so bad value for money.
I did not mean to insult English women in general, I just said that IN GENERAL they are not very attractive.

Foreigners do not exactly travel to England to ogle the women!

I have no doubt that there are many English escorts who who would knock my socks of, or at least take off my socks with their teeth, but they are out of my humble league. I am not worthy of their services.
NY to London can be as low as $99. When the exchange rate is more favorable, you can break even in a weekend. You get more and better choices than staying in US. Why not.

Those are good offers.You would not mind travelling the distance, for the variety?
Livvy, can I be shop steward and wear one of those brown coats and shout "one out all out". What fun, marching up and down outside a brothel with a placard saying "Down with trousers with buttons" or similar :)

Then again I could always enter the room and read the offending punter his rights.... or lack of !
Flights less than 6 hours is painless. (Wish I live in NY.) Canada isn't that close, depending on where you live. Australia is really far.
OK, OK, so that was just a fantasy about slapping you, James, but it was a rather nice one, no? ;-)

What a splendid ideas Blueslady - I'll be the one that carries the placard!

Livvy xxx
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