Thursday, December 14, 2006

Why don't they stop?

I watched channel four news yesterday.

The message from the team investigating these murders, was that it is not safe for any prostitute working indoors or outdoors in the UK at the moment.

The streetworkers risk their lives by working on the streets to buy drugs. Some women were still going out on the streets yesterday. They said they were working because they needed the money.

It seems that their addiction is stronger than their will to survive. It is very sad.

Apparently there are 79,800 prostitutes in the UK at the moment(source Euro pap UK), and 95% of them have drug habits. (Source Home Office)

There seems to be a suggestion to hand out heroin to the streetwalkers until the killer is stopped.

An additional problem is that the police are seen as adversaries rather than protectors by the streetworkers.

A zero tolerance policy will not work in this age of market forces.

Fiona Mactaggart feels that it is more appropriate to tackle demand, drug addiction and the poverty that women who go on the streets face. Target the men who buy the services. She hopes that a strategy can be put in place to reduce supply.

Apparently, some good work has been done with children who are at risk of going into prostitution. Tackle demand, and help women to leave the industry. It is not easy for women to leave the industry as there are not enough support systems in place. She believes by policing more effectively the men who buy the services, may help.

Esther Addley from the guardian writes about a woman who went to work her patch after the suffolk murders.

Earlier this week, I had a conversation with a woman who used to work as an escort. She worked over thirty years ago, and still carries a lot of shame around what she did. However she recognises, that she did it at the time to feed her children. Once she achieved her goal she left the industry, and had no desire whatsoever to return. She cut ties with everyone who was part of that life at the time. She felt that things were different now. She notices now that some women do not leave the industry despite having achieved their goals, and could not understand why. She could not understand why someone would want to continue to work as an escort indefinitely.

I did not know what to say to her, but my short answer was the lifestyle and the money.

I hope that I am not working five or ten years on from today. I hope to be out before then.

I know several women who have worked for more than twenty years, and continue to work. It is a lifestyle choice for them. I can only think of one woman, within this group, who has a life and career outside of escorting.

A view from the other side, Glengarry tell us why he stopped.

He also answers my question of whether it was worth the money.

Why do you continue?

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I hope those poor street walkers can be weaned off the drugs, but I understand the success rates of drug treatment are pretty poor. I'm not sure if it helps much to crack down on the clients. The only alternatives for the girls would then be shoplifting or burglary which brings other risks and involves other innocent people.

I think I see escorts for completely different reasons to GGL. It's not for the thrill of it, rather for the warm, fuzzy feeling of snuggling up with someone, without all the pitfalls of a full-blown relationship. At least it's partly that and partly the blow jobs. I'm pretty careful how much I spend, and in my experience seeing escorts is way cheaper than maintaining an expensive girlfriend - you're not expected to pay for glamourous holidays or buy Jimmy Choo shoes every week. If I've learned one thing over the years, it's never get to know an escort so well that you could reasonably be expected to buy suitable shoes for her. Luckily I've no idea what makes any shoe better than any other, so I've saved myself thousands.
I don't think anyone really knows exactly what percentage of prostitutes are drug users, and clearly that depends of what definition of prostitution you use.

I think there is always some risk, but I doubt whether you are at any greater risk in central London because of the Suffolk Strangler, unless he inspires other copycat killers. Fortunately, killing people is not something one does casually, especially when facing life in prison.

I am sure you take plenty of precautions. I was reading a couple of your reviews on Punternet yesterday, and then wished I hadn't. The guys spoke well of you, but the reviews were so cold and clinical, and, above all, businesslike.

Although I must admit I have written about women I have been with on my blog, I don't think I have been quite so cold, but it still makes me wonder if I can continue to do it.

Anyway, my novia texted me this morning with a request for funds to buy new clothes for the children for Christmas, so there goes my budget for sex.

And that is the answer to your question, too. I am pretty much in agreement with Glengarry on this. Eventually you reach the point where you want to spend your money on something better.

I don't know how long you have been in the business. I suspect not very long. And I suspect that you won't be in it for 20 years. Someone will come and scoop you up and make an "honest" woman out of you, and some time in the future you will be living in your villa in the hills of Jamaica and wondering if anyone knows that you once were an escort called Nia.

Thank you for your comments. I agree, the drugs are a major issue.

I have never been on drugs, and do not know what urges you get when you are on them. When your drug use is more important than your life, that is another story.

Overlain, I take it you have not bought an escort shoes yet, right? ROFL.


Thank you for your comments I think the job is dangerous whether you are indoors or outdoors. Clearly being outdoors has a higher risk. However, once you are behind closed doors anything can happen, whether you have done vigorous screening or not.

I have mixed feelings about reviews, and can never control what is written.

I definitely do not want to have been in this business for 20 years.The hills in Jamaica sound good to me, no a beach property sounds much better.
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